Women are participating in every field of life. Most of the time, they are doing the most difficult jobs of taking care of their families as well as earning for them. But they do not get the reward they deserve. They have to live as a second class citizen in the world. They have to fight for their basic rights. This struggling and efforts sometimes demotivate them to move on. They need some motivation to keep struggling for their rights and freedom. I am sharing my experience with the best books for women to read in 2020. Just how I got re-motivated as once I was discouraged. These books are also the best sellers on Amazon and The New York Times.

1: The woman in the window

A woman in the window is a domestic thriller by A.J. Fins.  It is No.1 best seller in the New York times. It is no doubt one of the best novels by A.J. Fins and the best novel for modern women to read. It is an example of today’s struggling women who are trying hard to prove their competency.

Just like, modern women are facing problems to prove the facts, that they are not dreaming but living in the real world. The protagonist in the novel is a woman who is suffering from anxiety and living away from social life. She is trying to get peace by drinking a lot.

She is always in hallucination and cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

But still, she struggles a lot to unveil some serious crime. Her struggle to prove herself true is worth reading.

The protagonist Anna is a former child psychologist who left her home after a tragedy and living alone, taking medicines for her depression. She is a lover of old movies. She lives alone and fond of watching out of the window and focusing on the neighbors’ activities.

This novel becomes mysterious and unable to guess it. Anna claims that she saw a crime in the neighborhoods., but no one else saw this. It makes this suspicious.

The unpredictable plot leaves the audience in suspense

One cannot leave the book until it reaches the end. Anna is keeping an eye on Russell’s. They are a family of husband, wife, and their son. No one else in locality except Anna shows any suspicion towards the newly shifted family. The truth is that no one knows them a lot.

  Anna is constantly under the effects of drugs, so she is not sure about anything happening around her. She claims that she sees a murder, but cannot prove it as her condition makes police not to accept her claim. They do not believe her as they see the pile of antidepressant drugs and wine in her apartment.

She is living alone and never dare to go out of the house. She is living alone after her husband and daughter left her.

A child psychologist becomes a depression mania. She loves to look out from the window to her neighbors. Once, she observes something strange, a pitiful, deadly scream of a woman form the neighbors.

She believes that someone is murdered. No one else except Anna believes this, as no one in the neighborhood knows them a lot. The mystery goes up and up. A reader cannot put the novel away, as there is always a question, what will happen next?

 Anna fox insanity and neighborhood murder      

Anna becomes interested in her neighbour’s family, and she started spying them to get rid of her loneliness. She doesn’t know that this will lead her to witness a murder.

This makes her completely broken as she becomes friend with jane, the lady she thinks has been murdered. Her emotional wellness was effected, and her condition worsens.

The family refused to accept the crime. No one believes her. The son Ethan tells her that the victim was Katherine, her biological mother, and jane has killed her. But the suspense remains there.

Anna finds out the real murderer who is no other but Ethan, he also has a personality disorder and Anna being a child psychologist finally finds it out.

She proves her sanity, and this gives her hope to live life like a normal person. This is an optimistic and positive ending. It gives hope to those who want to prove their rightfulness, but fear to fail.

2: The Nightingale

A novel by Hannah is a tribute to the brave Frenchwomen, who fought bravely and stood strong during the second world war. The story is about two sisters who were struggling in France during the Germans’ occupation.

This is the story of their struggle to survive during the hard times of war. Two sisters Vianne and Isabella, lived in France in 1939. The story starts with Vianne’s husband is captured as a war prisoner, and Vianne and her daughter left behind to live. Vianne works as a local school teacher and trying to meet the end. But then Germany occupies France.

The mass killing of Jews and planned attacks on their properties, homes left Vianne desperate. Vianne was trying to keep her daughter safe that she has to take care of her friend’s son, who was taken to the concentration camps.

When time passes the situation becomes more and more tragic. She has to look after many Jews children whose parents were killed or captured by the Nazis. Vienne’s sister left her to join the French resistance.

Women Role during world war 2

It’s easy to talk about wars and watch a movie where they show us the killings and bombings during the war. But when it comes to you, it needs great courage and tremendous efforts to survive.

In war, when most of the men are out to fight the enemies, women are left behind to take care of kids and older adults. They have to keep them safe and alive. History is full of these brave women who helped people during wars, without caring for their own lives.

Vianne and Isabella are two women and heroines of the novel. Nightingale is the code name of Isabella which she earns from her tremendous efforts for the French resistance. She is a brave lady who travels alone to work for French freedom.

On the contrary, her sister decides to work on the other hand. She takes the responsibility for many children whom Nazis took parents. She loves them like her own daughter. They become the symbol of bravery and courage. They remain consistent during hard times. Vianne has to endure sexual abuse by an enemy’s officer.

In contrast, Isabella has to bear the tortures of Nazis in their camp. But they survived because they took the responsibility of other people. They knew that if they become weak, those people cannot survive.

A heart wrenching but a motivational book. I recommend that all the women who have visions and want to achieve something in their lives must read it.

War gives birth to Nightingales

When you face difficulty, then you know your strength. We know lots of stories of brave women who were just housewives or living a simple life. But when war happens, they turn themselves into soldiers. They become the nightingales.

Who sacrifices their lives, their homes, their kids everything for their purpose? They become the heroes, true heroes of the war.  In 2020 many countries are in war conditions. Women and children are suffering from these pitiful conditions. Today, we need more nightingales who can fight bravely for their countries and people.

A great piece of writing, inspiring us to stay strong and work harder for our purpose in life. Once you decide to achieve something, please do it. Do not underestimate your power. When you can dream, you can achieve too. A hard path will lead you towards your goal.

3: Girls Stop Apologizing:

A shame-free plan for Embracing and Achieving your goals

 The third best book for women on my list is, Girls Stop Apologizing. It is written by New York #1 best author, Rachel Hollis. Rachel herself is a successful businesswoman. She believes in women’s role in every field of life. She highly criticizes the influence of males over women.

In our male-dominated societies, men influence women in their roles. If they are daughters, sisters, wives or colleagues, men think it’s their right to keep them on their suggested path.

Women are not allowed to make their lives decisions independently.  Women are successful businesswomen, serving as doctors, pilots, nurses, policewomen, soldiers. But, still, they are not considered to be independent in their lives. They have to obey men, whatever they become.

Women should own their lives

Women are humans, just like men. They have the right to live like they want to. Rachel claims, she wants to make women stop apologizing for their imperfections.

She believes that when women are not able to fulfill other demands, they criticize themselves. They feel guilty for every wrong thing that happens to them or the people around them. They do not live for themselves and have been taught to live like this.

I believe we can change the world. But first, we’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are.” Rachel Hollis

Embrace your goals

Every woman has their goals in their lives. But mostly they have been stopped. They are blamed for competing to live a life with perfection. Their goals have been set up by someone else. They have to follow the plans and live like puppets. If they fail at any point, they face criticism.

No one is perfect, also not women. They should be given enough space to breathe, to think, to make their decisions. Women have their dreams; they should follow them. They should achieve their goals by making efforts. No one should discourage them or blame them.

We always see and listen to some misconceptions about women’s roles in society. Some societies in the world still believe that women are weaker, and they must need protection and care.

What I believe they’d not need protection, they need freedom. Freedom to think, to act, to live. They have their emotional lives, and they want to follow their emotions. This book is also guiding women to move forward without making excuses or listening to other people’s ideas.

No one knows their ideas better than themselves. Women should not lower their self-esteem to make others happy and satisfied. Live your own lives, and you can change the world. The idea of the book is to motivate women to get up and let the world who they are.

Start living from today

Rachel Hollis’s main idea of this book is to make women motivated for their dreams. She wants them to start working now for their dreams. There is no tomorrow to come. You have to get up now and follow your passion. If you have fears that what will people think, let the fears go.

People will care only if you care for them. If you start ignoring them and living your life, they will forget it. Rachel, being a businesswoman, knows the real hardships that a woman has to face to become independent in real sense.

People have their ideas about women’s roles, and they do not accept them to cross the line. But someone has to cross it and change the trend.

    “other people don’t get to tell you what you can have

      Someone doesn’t get to tell you who you can be

      You are the only one who can make that decision.”

Stop thinking, let go of to all your fears

Fear to fail is always there when you start a new career, new business, or new life. You always have this feeling that if I will fail, people will laugh at me.

Women are more sensitive because they have to face even more criticism if they do not succeed. Due to this, they have bound themselves within the limitations they have been taught. To make fun, a girl is the easiest thing in the world one can do.

They have been discouraged from achieving something bigger in their lives. Unfortunately, if they try and fail then the situation becomes even worse. But this is no reason to stop acting. Rachel, in her book, is advising women to throw away their fears and start living.

They will succeed if they believe in themselves. Their passion and hard work will make them successful like her. It is hard to believe in yourself when no one believes you, but it’s the sweetest thing to achieve your goal when no one else has done it before.

Live for yourself and forget about the fears. The world will be yours. You have to give time to yourself. Physical health is important to build your personality. Women have the right to take part in sports to keep them fit and happy.


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