What is chivalry

Before the 19th century, the meaning of chivalry was different from today. During the medieval, it was the trait of an extraordinarily brave and nobleman. They called him a knight. Knight was a very respectable person, and brave enough to fight solo fights as well as wars. The medieval knight was a heroic character, and chivalry was one of his characteristics. Today there are no knights, but chivalry is still here as a Trait of

True gentleman. Chivalry means to be courteous towards people around you, especially women and children.  Chivalry is the combination of compassion, generosity, soli­darity, selflessness, caring for others. To help the needy and weak humans are the characteristics of chivalry.

Feminism and chivalry

 Over time, and the rise of feminism has affected the meaning of man’s chivalry. The purpose of feminism is to give equal rights and opportunities to women, to allow them to take part in life and worldly affairs. They want to become able to live their lives respectably. This doesn’t mean that they are against men or their freedom. But due to the misinterpretation of feminism, it caused men to go against this. This affects their manhood and their characteristic of being noblemen. People look feminism as an anti-men movement, but the fact is different. They are just asking for women’s equal rights and not trying to demolish men’s rights. Both men and women need to be respected, and their rights should be protected. Men’s chivalry is the need of the hour to protect women’s rights as well. 

Conventional theories about men’s chivalry

In most societies, men are still considered to be callous, emotionless, and extraordinarily brave. They are not supposed to be weak or cry when they feel pain physically or emotionally. This is considered to be against their manhood. Men don’t get hurt, or men don’t cry are the worst things I ever heard. Suppose a man is born like a woman, then how can be so different from a woman. They are created in the same way with the same materials.  One thing must be clear that men and women are the same. They both feel pain, get angry in the same way. To consider men strong enough to take care of women is a very conservative idea. They don’t have to guard women like a precious thing. They have to respect each other’s freedom.

The modern concept of chivalry          

Today the concept of chivalry has been changed. Now it is not just about the wars and knighthoods. But it’s about a true gentleman. In today’s world, chivalry is the trait of a true gentleman. Being a gentleman means you have to respect women and other humans beyond their social status.  Behavior that we find missing most of the time. In modern dictionaries, the definition of chivalry has also changed. In the Cambridge dictionary, chivalry is defined as” Very polite, honest, and kind behavior, especially toward women.” Being male or female, to give respect and get respect should be a simple formula. But unfortunately, the world is so complicated that a simple definition cannot solve its problems. We cannot ignore reality.

Chivalry is not just giving respect but also being loyal to each other. This time we face two extremes, feminism, and anti-feminism. They are strictly against each other. Feminism wants the rights of women to any extent, and on the contrary, their opponents reject their demands. Men always remain superior to women, and this is the fact can’t be rejected. Their behavior towards women is mostly like a boss or superior

. In the past, women were strictly bounded inside their homes, so they obeyed them. But in the modern world, things have been changed. Now women are working out of the boundary. They are earning and can live like an independent individual. But still, they have to face men’s brutality. They are still treated s inferior to men. Even in the world’s biggest film industries, they pay lesser to female actresses than the male actor. Here I am talking in general. There are a few exceptions where women earn more, but they are very less. This is the injustice that women have to endure in all fields of life.

The modern world has real chivalry

We often listen about knights and other heroic characters from our childhood. Children always love the brave and heroic characters, and they idealize them as well. Even we see children love these characters so much that they start imitating those chivalric characters. This shows us that chivalry is something inborn. This is our natural characteristics. We love it and try to follow it. We often see movies with these knights who fight for virtue, and the audience always loves these movies. Kids like toys of heroic characters and imitate their roles as well. We always try to follow the path of virtue and bravery. We always like stories with good characters. It’s natural for a kid to like a character with good intentions and hate the opponent. These all are the characteristics of chivalry.


 Chivalry is not just fighting wars on battlefields. This is the war between good and bad, virtue, and evil.  No one in the world likes a person with evil intentions. Heroes are always loved, and villains are always degraded.  We can’t say that chivalry is finished with the medieval knights. We are all knights if we appreciate right and good and disregard wrong and evil.

 The chivalry is to stand for the rights of women because they are not treated well in society if we stand for black people’s rights. Suppose we stand for children’s rights and disown their abusers. When we stand for society’s weaker people, than we are acting knightly.  We are brave, and we should pat ourselves. When we help people for their cause, we are helping ourselves. We are making ourselves proud and feel blessed when people win their fights. The war between right and wrong will remain forever. But until we help each other and stand for right with bravery, this is chivalry.

Knights in the modern world

We have already discussed the characteristics of chivalry and its existence in today’s world. There are awards for these knightly persons in many countries of the world too. These awards are for those people who work hard for people’s benefits for years and give lots of sacrifices. These are unknown heroes until the world exposes them. They are true chivalric characters in the modern world. In today’s world, orders are given to people with heroic characters who have done an extraordinary effort to serve the country and its people. The army gives these orders or sovereign state to their brave soldiers, scientists, or any other professionals, who achieved something great.

Chivalry and knightly characters are still there in our society. We can see them around us as unsung heroes. They may not be wearing the sword or army uniform, but you will see them helping people. They can be traffic policemen, army soldiers, doctors, cleaners, or teachers. These are all our heroes, our knights.  This is not a man or woman specific character. This is a humanly characteristic and should be appreciated.

Both men and women are working hard for the progress of our planet. We have to appreciate each other. This is not a war of gender. This is the war between good and evil.  We should learn the lesson and understand the power of chivalry. This is chivalry that makes us true gentlemen. This is what we forget to deal with women, children, and all the races of humans. When they protest for their rights, we blame them. We have to give them their equal rights as humans and fight for their rights as true knights.

Author: Tayyaba Zulfiqar


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