How to discover your passion?

How to discover your passion?

Author: Tayyaba Zulfiqar

When it comes to passion, a usual interrogation takes place and that is “How to discover your passion?”. Sometimes self-storming remains one of the toughest jobs to discover your passion or inner self.

We live our lives once. So, why waste it in doing boring jobs? These tiring and purposeless tasks seem to never end until our lives end. The question is;

• Why should we keep doing these jobs when it’s not our passion?
• And why we waste our lives for these jobs when they are worthless?
• Why do we keep getting depressed by doing these tiring jobs until we lose our temperament and will end in a big loss?

We see millionaire’s running big companies and living luxurious lives in huge villas. It looks as they are living successful lives. This makes us believe that money can bring us everything. To some extent this is true. But sometimes, we see those millionaires suffering from anxiety and depression.

Even in extreme cases, we hear that a rich person dies out of sudden heart attack at a very young age. This happens in real life. Why? They had everything in their lives but still, something was missing. They were running their businesses because that was their family business. Their affluent family trees made money but could not give them inner satisfaction.

discover your passion

Most of the time people are just doing jobs they don’t like. They are not doing it because it’s their passion. They may have some other passions. Some of them may want to become an artist or painter but not allowed to. This leads them to depression and anxiety. Money can buy you everything but do not compromise when it is about your passion.
Now, what is your inner passion?

Your passion is your innate ability to do something you may not very good in, but still, you like it. Your passion is the job which doesn’t make you tired. This is what makes you feel satisfied and happy. This is not about the skill that earns you a lot of money. But maybe at a later stage, you can earn from it too. The main focus is on your satisfaction. This is what matters most in life.
Now, how do you know about your passion? I will share some important tips for you that will help you to hunt your passion.

It’s Time to take a break

Yes, you listen correctly. It’s time to take a break from your busy tiring routine and give time to yourself. In life, the most important thing is your pleasure and inner satisfaction. You have to give time to you because you deserve it most. Think about, what inspired you most when you were a kid. What is that piece of writing about that satisfies your heart? What is that little happiness that makes you smile, when you think about it? Brainstorming is important to find the right job for you.

It’s really important to find the right path. The right path must not be a crowded one followed by masses. You might have remained a good orator in your college. You might be a good performer on your university stage. Were you inspired by the school art teacher? When you do the brainstorming, you will surely find your passion.

Adopt a new hobby to unveil your passion

Once you find what is your true passion then it’s time to give it some time. You have to experience it. First, adopt it as a new hobby. You may have to take some days to leave from your busy office hours and go on hiking to some of your favorite mountain area where you always dreamt to go. Now, my dear friends, it’s time for you to follow your path. Don’t hesitate to dream. Your fantasy will come true if you lead yourself toward the path your heart chooses for you. You can adopt a hobby and maybe someday your hard work bears fruit. You will start earning from it and you could easily say goodbye to your boss.

This is what your true passion is that makes you feel comfortable and don’t make you tired even you do it for hours. We have lots of examples in real life where people who follow their passions and they succeeded. They not only get their inner satisfaction but fame and wealth too. One of the greatest Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a real-life example. He was not very good in studies and lived with his mother in poor economic conditions. But from childhood, he always wanted to become an actor and followed his passion. Today, he is not only successful in achieving his passion but he has money and fame too.

Remember, life gives you one chance to be successful and you have to grab it. You don’t want to die with so many regrets in your heart, right? So let’s decide and follow your passion from now onwards. It’s never too late until you make yourself lose your opportunity.

Believe in yourself to discover your passion

I shall conclude here by telling you the magic trick that always worked for me. “Believe in yourself and you will get everything”. Whenever you feel lost, start talking to yourself. Try to know you because it’s you who matters more than anything else. Your passion and dedication to yourself will succeed you. No matter what don’t compromise on your passion. Your dedication to yourself will fuel your passion and your dream will turn into reality.

You can reach the author by mailing her at:

You can reach the author by mailing her at:


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