How To Overcome Your Inner Fear?

How to overcome your inner fear

Are anxiety and fear preventing you from confronting emotional and stressful situations? Then worry not! Because in this article, we will teach you how to overcome your inner fear. These helpful tips can help you overcome an uncontrollable pattern of behavior.

It is our nature to avoid feelings that make us feel fearful. Who would want to step right into what could be a challenging experience? But by constantly avoiding seeing the ‘boogeyman’ within, you are a slave for the terrifying creature. 

This usually means avoiding any possible stressor that may create a disturbance and being a constant distraction. But, it also prevents potential problems that can bring happiness and growth. And, you cannot hide all day long from anxiety. 

It’s likely to strike regardless of all efforts to keep it from happening. It’s expected to occur when you need the most emotional calm. The positive side is that when you confront your fears and give the boogeyman a breath, rather than pushing it into a secluded area inside your head, the brain starts being unable to rule you and control your choices.

So let’s begin to learn how to overcome fear in life. 

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear | Pro Tips 

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 1 | Think Positively 

In learning how to overcome fears, the first tip is always to think positively. The power of imagination is fantastic. It provides you with the capacity to think creatively, as well as the ability to see out of the box. However, an active imagination can be a harmful tool when you think of negative things. 

The imagination can amplify the fears you have and make your situation appear direr than it is. So don’t let your thoughts guide you down the dark alleys of fear. Instead, make sure you utilize them to conquer anxiety. 

How can you accomplish this? First, choose a time that you’re calm and not stressed. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself in a scenario that usually triggers anxiety. For instance, if you fear being lost in a crowd, Imagine yourself at an airport that is crowded. Imagine yourself managing the situation with calm. You don’t panic and start to cry. 

Instead, you seek out the information counter or sign that can aid you in regaining the sense of orientation. Then, you envision yourself getting to the right parking spot and unlocking the car door, and driving home with no bad experiences. The tranquility you feel in your imagination can aid you in navigating the real-life experience with more peace.

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 2 | Stand There 

We are prone to admire those who are quick to take action; however, being thoughtful, making a plan, and keeping a steady pace are all actions. Unfortunately, many successful projects have been threatened or destroyed due to speed alone. 

If you are feeling anxious, consider the right course of action to consider the possibilities and make a rational decision that is well-thought-out instead of jumping into what appears to be the right choice in the rush of the moment.

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How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 3 | Learn About Your Fear 

This is the most difficult one. However, it’s also essential. You cannot conquer anxiety that’s hidden within the dark corners of your mind. You have to face it. When you encounter someone and look at them, you can see the person and discover the characteristics of his appearance and the way he acts. 

If you look towards your fear (rather than to avoid it), you discover things about your fear that you did not have before. This knowledge helps you conquer it. To help you confront your anxiety and fears keep a journal for two to three weeks. 

Keep track of any patterns you see. For example, do your hands become stiff, and your stomach is clenching as you hear that doorbell? Are you more prone to experiencing anxiety symptoms in the morning or evening? What are the things you typically do when you are faced with anxiety? Write down anything that appears essential. 

Transcribing your fear-related patterns and symptoms to paper can help break them down. They’re no longer significant and overwhelming. The most important thing is that knowing all about your fears gives you a better idea of what you can do to overcome them.

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 4 | Express Yourself 

Many psychologists advise their patients to keep a journal and write down their emotions whenever they feel scared. They are often used to release stress for individuals as they aid in identifying the root that causes their fears. 

If you can identify the root of the anxiety, you increase the chance of finding a solution. There are numerous online forums for discussion where people share their experiences of depression and anxiety. The main benefit of venting yourself is that it allows you to let your feelings out to get control of the problem.

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 5 | Try Slow Breathing Technique

Breathing is more crucial than you imagine. Most often, anxiety starts with a short breath. Short breaths trigger various adverse reactions within your body that quickly turn into the beginning of an attack. 

The best way to overcome these rapid anxiety attacks is to control your breathing. The good news is that breathing profoundly isn’t too tricky. Once you’ve realized that you’re feeling fearful, take a moment to focus upon your breath. 

Breathe in and slowly release it. Be sure that your exhale is more than the inhale. This isn’t just a psychological trick. Deep breathing helps your body mentally calm itself.

How To Overcome Your Inner Fear Tip # 6 | Practice Mindfulness 

You’ve heard of mindfulness, but how do you define it? It is a passive thinking exercise that helps you be more aware of your fears. As you’ve learned in the first step, awareness enables you to conquer your anxiety and fear. 

Apply these mindfulness practices for a few of your less intense moments of anxiety and fear. Then, if you can notice your anxiety symptoms, take a seat and contemplate what’s occurring to you. It’s like writing an imaginary journal entry. 

Be aware of the symptoms that arise. Don’t take action. Relax and be mindful of your thoughts as the time unfolds. By being passive, you can increase your self-awareness and prevent yourself from engaging in the standard actions you take when you’re feeling scared. It can help you get out of a slump.

Bottom Line 

These are just a few easy ways that tell you how to overcome your inner fear. When you practice these principles now and then and put on an open face against the concern you have, keep in mind that you are the best advocate as well as a defender. 

Instead of slipping down and letting your guard down, try practicing these basic principles and propel yourself to a whole level of overcoming your fears. Everyone has a fear that we must conquer, so tell us about your strategies to conquer your fear and improve your life. You are welcome to post a comment and share your personal success story.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can anxiety be cured?

A: Anxiety can’t be cured. However, there are ways to prevent anxiety from becoming a significant issue. Finding the appropriate treatment for anxiety can aid in reducing the pressure you’ve been struggling with, so you can move on with your living your life.

Q: Can water calm anxiety?

A: It has also been found to possess natural calming effects because it addresses dehydration’s effects on your body and the brain. Consuming sufficient water is an essential measure to manage anxiety. Even if you’re not feeling the pressure, drinking enough water can bring feelings of relaxation.

Q: Does hot water reduce stress?

A: Drinking hot water can improve the functioning of the central nervous system. You may feel less stressed when you drink it, according to a study from 2014 that found drinking less water led to fewer feelings of calmness, satisfaction, happiness, and positive emotions.


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