Impacts of horror movies on human body

horror movies and it's impact on human body

Autumn is knocking at the doors of many parts of the world; with autumn, there come chilling air colorful leaves. With a blink of an eye, you will find Halloween reaching around the corner. Halloween is one of the fascinating celebrations of the year. People enjoy fear in the air and celebrate it by wearing different costumes – Horror movies, seasons, and serials watching increase eventually with Halloween. Everything leaves its impacts, and many researchers prove the impacts of horror movies on the human body. Scary movies leave effects on the human body, which are long-lasting and sometimes prove to be disasters.

Human Psychology is full of mysteries – human fascinates with what scares them like a roller coaster ride, sky diving, or some horror movies. Things that make them feel fear excites them, thrills them, and they love that feeling. According to a survey, around 72% of people watch horror movies or serials.

Everything leaves an effect on the human body. Everything we watch, listen and observe in our surroundings and the company we keep leaves an impact in one way or another. Like people obsessed with action movies are more aggressive than others.

Horror movies also leave an effect on the human body, mentally and physically. Here are how horror movies can have an impact on us.

horror movies and its impact on human brain

Impact on Brain:

Horror movies play with our brains; this play can be positive and negative, but so far, the only positive effect is the “desensitization effect.” “Desensitization effect” means that if a person watches specific genres of movies repeatedly, the emotions stop reacting to them actively. For instance, if someone is afraid of clown and continually watches horror movies with clowns, then there are chances that the fear will go away. Unfortunately, this effect is minor and adverse results are much larger like:

Horror movies trigger a reaction with a comparatively less healthy mind people or people suffering from some mental issues like PTSD. Since a brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination, a traumatic situation can trigger the response.

Sleeplessness is one of the significant impacts of horror movies; many people complain of difficult sleep or half-sleep with nightmares after watching a horror movie.

Anxiety and increase level of stress can be caused by watching horror movies, especially if kids under 14 are habitual of watching horror shows; these can be their issues with growing age. People have claimed that whenever they watch a horror movie in their early teens, it took time to forget those things like fear of darkness or birds or subconscious fear about some virus outburst that will turn people into zombies.

Impacts of horror movies on human body

Impact on Heart:

Not only psychology, but a horror movie can also leave impact physically too. For instance, sweaty palms, tense muscles, or significant change in blood pressure level – and when it’s about heart increase rate of the heartbeat is the collective impact of horror movies. Increase heart rate is not as same as it is at the time of roller coaster ride or racing car ride; it can trigger deeper down, and a person have higher chances of a heart attack. The reason is the simple human mind and the heart is both working at the same time, and responses come together can increase the chances of a heart attack.  According to Dr. Daniel Atkinson, the heartbeat increase even before the movie started, and at time of horror scenes and climax, it raises more, this continuous rise is not good.

Impact on hormones:

Believe it or not, but horror movies do affect hormonal systems, and that effect is negative. Watching horror movies release of dopamine and adrenaline that can trigger someone to faint or might get a panic attack.

Impact on behavior:

Anything we are watching or listing leaves a profound impact on our behaviors’. From a very early age, the child learns from their family, not only words but also copy their actions and eventually adopt their habits. Just like violent games increase aggressive behaviors; likewise, a scary movie with violence can heighten emotional response. Movies like Saw can leave a profound impact, and many psychopaths get their inspiration from these types of movies.


A horror movie leaves impact even after it is finished; you may have sleepless nights or feel some connection with the movie; it just doesn’t leave you instantly. Watching scary movies repeatedly leaves effects deep down our minds and body. So it is better that you don’t watch the whole serial in one sitting or do not make watching horror movies as your daily habit. Try to watch a scary movie with friends and if any symptoms linger on for more than a day, talk to someone or consult a doctor. We have Fun more in things we sometimes do, incredibly occasionally. Remember, excess of anything is wrong, so watch and enjoy with moderation. Stay happy, have fun!

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