New wave of COVID-19: How the world will deal it?

The second wave COVID19 varies from the first, but it will not be handled the same way. The novel and brand-new coronavirus outbreak overwhelmed the global economy and health care. The phenomena behind it of getting perilous and overwhelmed is its novelty and little-understanding.

The new wave of COVID-19 is sceptical, but the progress in discovering the treatment makes it less vulnerable. It was unprecedented for the world health care system to be prepared for such contagion. However, the precautions and various policies followed by the operations in the countries did work out to handle the situation. Though it caused near to half a million deaths around the world. Along with the most cases and mortality in the United States of America.

How COVID-19 is emerging in new form?

Doctors say there is now an ease onwards in helping the infected people getting healthy and send to their homes earlier from the hospitals.

Dexamethasone; A life-saving cure for COVID-19:

Even though there is still no cure, but an old life-saving steroid proves for working to some extent in dealing with the COVID-19. It is “Dexamethasone.” Scientists call it “major breakthrough” in curing the infected patients of Covid-19. It is a cheap steroid available in the market. The first life-saving treatment for corona-virus patients. It is available in each pharmacy in massive amounts. Now it is responsible for the recovery of one of out eight acute patients.

According to a professor at University College London, coronavirus causes inflammation in the lungs that leads to death. Dexamethasone reduces inflammation, says Mervyn Singer. The trials and results of the steroids delight the professor, as it is one the most effective medicines can now be used for treating the infected patients.

Now it seems more manageable for the clinical staff to treat the onwards patients. They will feel less anxious about their recovery after the results of the fantastic trials. Those who were once on ventilators counting their breath to end are now out of the panic. Dexamethasone trials and progress in inventing vaccines awakes hope around the world, getting better in dealing with the situation.

How the new wave of COVID-19 will be treated?

Singer further says, “Now we are confident enough to deal with and will be less superstitious about the risk of the pandemic. We wear PPE, but the people looking after the patients in intensive care have had a low level of infection – no different from the man in the street – which I think is important because there was much fear”.

New wave of Covid-19:

The second wave of the virus will be the result of re-opening the global economy. As many of the countries such as Pakistan, the UK, Australia, China, Italy, France, and South Korea already settled to re-open their economy. A threat takes birth with re-opening the economy can re-spike the cases and can be the second wave. It is not predictable how it will affect the population and the economy. Some breakthroughs such as COVID-19 Vaccines trials at Oxford University and the results of Dexamethasone trials reincarnate a possibility to make it less anxious.

Progress in the making of COVID-19 vaccines is miraculous. Because the fasted vaccines ever invented took five years to be deployed in the market. It will be a miracle then if they become successful in inventing vaccines till this September.

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