The Power of Positive Affirmations Can Improve Your Life

Here, we will discuss positive affirmations. How they can change our lives and how we can use them to improve our health, confidence, our financial condition, our love, and social life.

But before this, there is a most frequently asked question on the web, and that is

“Define affirmations.”

So first, we will talk about what they are?

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is simply any thoughts that we think or words that we utter; that is the simplest definition of affirmation. These thoughts and words culminate in our life. All of us have these thoughts in our minds that we didn’t place in our minds. However, they came subconsciously from our parents, teachers, or any person we were around all the time. They started to program our minds with these thoughts. As we grow older, they begin to play out in our life experiences so that positive thoughts will yield positive life experiences. In contrast, negative thoughts will lead to negative life experiences. It is important that we must be around positive people and must think positively to improve our lives.

Positive Affirmations

Benefits of using positive affirmations:

A positive affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat to yourself that describes how you want to be. Studies have shown that regular positive affirmations can improve our moods, increase our self-worth, and make us happier over time. It also provides multiple benefits for our work life.

Boost Confidence

         Daily positive mantras can help you boost confidence. Complimenting yourself and acknowledging your effort is a big confidence booster. No matter how insignificant or small you are, but compliments and acknowledgments make a difference to everyone. So you have to find something positive to tell yourself every day that will boost your confidence level. It also improves your decision-making skills as we prepare for interviews or about to give an address.

Sharpened focus

             Each time we go through or review our affirmations, it will remind us what is most important. It recharges the intentions or ideas in our minds. And it can keep us away from distractions and allow us to concentrate on activities that increase our contribution to our goals. By reviewing your affirmations, 1 to 2 times per day puts you back in that place of strength and clarity, where you can more easily stay on track.

Improves Health

      Various studies have shown that affirmations have a major impact on your physical health. This is because our brain is connected to our body and vice versa. We can use affirmations to lower our stress, and it plays a major role in keeping us healthy.

Positive Affirmations

Why Affirmations don’t work for some people

Why do some people spend months, even years, sometimes trying to use affirmations? Yet they do not see the results they want to see, and the reason behind that is

  1. Your affirmations are too unbelievable.

If someone keeps telling themselves that “I am a millionaire” repeatedly, but yet he is living in grandma/s basement, sleeping on an air mattress eating cup of noodles every night. There is a good chance that his conscious brain is going to reject that affirmation. When the conscious rejects it, the subconscious rejects it. When the subconscious it then it doesn’t materialize into your life.

For affirmations to work, they first need to be believable to your          subconscious brain, 

Which leads us to the second reason and that is,

  • Make your affirmations strong and believable

         The more small and believable the affirmations are, the more progress you’re going to begin to make and the more progress. You make the more confident you’re going to feel in your ability to start asking for bigger and better things. It’s just that when people first hear about the power of positive affirmations, they start making this huge life-changing and life-altering affirmations. They end up saying to themselves repeatedly, but what happens is that they end up feeling even worse about themselves.

If your affirmation feels like a lie (feels like it’s not true for you now and never will be true for you in the future), STOP using that affirmation.

  • You’re not taking enough actions

For some reason, there is a common misconception that affirmations are like magic pills that make things happen for absolutely no reason with no effort whatsoever. This is commonly found in the people looking for the easy way out, and they heard about the affirmations. They assume that it is the affirmations alone that cause those great changes in people’s lives. First of all, understand that it is action. The action is what brings about changes people’s lives, and affirmations are there to help motivate you into taking more and more action.

Affirmations prompt action, action creates a result.

Author: Abdul Manan


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